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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oh no So Gandong . ..

thanks for that postt ..

A year really flies ..
Form 2 and form 3 's memories are still fresh in my mind . XD
The days you sitting beside me are really great ..
I will nvr forget you my friend haha ..
best friend XD
wong jing wei..

Honestly, i always saw ur blog with joee 's name ..
I feel like errr . .. you are living in the world with only joee ..
getting new friends and forgetting old friends?
sometimes felt really sad de leh.

AHH but now i know you don't .
you are still that lovable jing wei XD
I hope that I can keep in touch with you until the moment I slept in coffin.
Sure will.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hey You.

I missed the days seriously
That day when you came into my class and sat to my right, it just brings back all of the memories.
It's been one year now since we've split classes.
Since we've regarded 'my class' as different classes altogether.
But to me, it just seems like it happened yesterday.
The memories of you, me being in the same class, facing one another is so vivid.
It jut doesn't fade away that easily.
I miss the time when we chatted together without anything to worry about.
I miss the times when we just cooperate and play a prank on other people.
Then you would always be the one who sold us out xD.
I miss the times when you do all those things that never fail to make me laugh.
You're a funny person. I can assure that.
The most funniest person of all.
Too funny that you might be the funniest friend I've ever had in my life.
Thanks for bringing all those laughing fits into my life.
Seriously, every time you tell me about some story of yours I just can't stop laughing.
Why is everything about you so funny? :D
Sometimes you just didn't know that some action you made would tick me off and set me laughing like mad.
And sometimes that's what made my day.
I hadn't told you that before, right?
Now you know. You're downright the most hilarious friend that could easily light up my mood. :)

Heyy. Loo Hui En.
I miss you. Seriously, even though you didn't know.
Even though we meet sometimes during recess.
Even though occasionally you would come to my class and seek me out.
Even though sometimes we just occasionally go somewhere and chat like the old times.
But we just don't spend so much time together like before.
The time together I always cherished. Because we don't spend time together as often as the past.
I would always cherish the time I spend with you. No matter what we're doing.
Whether it's just chatting crap or staring at each other's ugly face. :D

I'm lucky that you even remembered to bring me a snack your parents got from Australia.
I mean, how many people do that? :)
You're just too good a friend that I can't seem to use words to voice out my appreciation.
Remember that day when I ponteng-ed the whole 4 periods to chat with you in canteen.
That's the longest time we spent together since we turned 16.
Heyy. I'm really sorry we don't spend time as much as last time.
I really am.
To be honest, before the class list came out, I kept wishing that I could be in the same class with you.
But things just doesn't work out as we all desired.
And we split up just like that.
Between us there's a THICK wall, with different blackboards belonging to s9, s8.
Haih. I've always stared at it and think : hey, it's huien behind that wall, maybe chatting away with her new friends.

:) Why do we have to be in different classes?
I don't understand. I don't wanna accept the fact.
But the reality just hammered into my life for one whole year.
Eventually I really gave up trying not to believe in that cruel fact.
I always have thoughts like : What if huien's in the same class with me now?
Would she be sleeping like a lazy pig right next to me?
Or would she not finish her homework in time just like the old days?
But it was all just my imagination.
And I was always slapped back into realization, finding that you were ACTUALLY still behind that wall.
Hey. Why is it so?

I miss you :(
I really do.
And sometimes I wonder will you miss me?
With all your new friends?
Sometimes I wound up all alone, and I just couldn't brave myself to go find you behind the wall.
I was afraid you would be busy talking with your friends and had no time to chat with me.
I have my fears you know?
Because you're an important friend.
I don't wanna disrupt your conversation with others.
Haih. I don't know how to conclude this.
The main point is, I missed you.
Loo Hui En I miss the days we spent together :(

Saturday, August 27, 2011

What A Surprise

To know that I'm not the only one visiting this dead blog :D

Loo Hui En, sar po. XD
You're a great friend and we're still in the same school la.
Don't say till we lost each other leh.
There's another year to go before that you know?
Before that, tell me more about those funny stories of yours :DDDD

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Although this is a dead blog,

But this is a memorable diary..
I see the past through this diary ..
I see the warmth side of my dearest friends..
I feel the bond between each other.
I miss the moment that we once experienced.

Friday, September 17, 2010

no com till PMR huh?

huien can't use com till PMR la.
well dat's bad news 4 me.
dat means no huien 4 me till PMR
haiz.wat la.so unfair.
y like dis la.
huien is nt jz PMR's 2 share.
i oso nid de ma.
u c now nobody teman me spam fb.
nobody teman me sot till midnite.
nobody call me stock beer into the fridge d lo==

haha.i will miss huien till PMR de la.
well, sometimes lo.
when i gt so so so many things 2 tell her dat time
missed her like nth else lo.
too much d.
2day reli too much thing wan tell.
i noe sms sure nt sufficient 2 express all.
so i think i'm nt gonna sms her.
should if a day off or two la.
everyday keep listen 2 me ngam.
kesian huien.

now,huien,jiayou in PMR.
score ALL A.so dat i dun waste my time waiting.
haha.so 2 repay me back 4 my waiting u RELI MZ study hard.
bt nt hard dao bcome maniac la.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

uhm.huien rox?


as a kay tee, she most definitely done well la
as a fren, she's the most amazing 1 alright
as a sar po dat teman me sar 2gether, she's sar enough 4 me
or u can say, even sar den me la.

haha.i luv spending time sar wif her
spamming fb
spamming our conver
talk ppl bad things.of coz.
no la.dat 1 jk de la.
haha.she's jz the best u could find if u wan sum1 2 spend time wif

i duno when she's gonna c dis post bt i noe eventually
mayb 3 months ltr?haha.
huien, saw d tell me wor.
haha.coz i saying ur bad things here wad.
i noe u saw dis post 1st thing sure come find me de.

huien is.HYPOCRITE!
call me go spam kai song fb profile
den after dat she go comment thr : huh?i gt call u spam meh?
like dis wor.haiz.
so i bcome like the bad person d.
so kesian hor?
actually nvm de la.haha
u happy den can d la.haha.

sot sot dat time den sometimes me oso annoyed
SOMETIMES NIA!!other times reli fun de.haha
n when serious dat time.SCARY LA!!!
no la no la.serious dat time oso is reli gd de.
lucky 2 c both sides of her la.haha.
serious dat time, she say wat, u do wat.
dats all.unles u gt better idea sometimes la.
so she's a responsible kay tee n all.
sometimes when ppl scold her : u wat kt lai de?
dat time ah, i reli will get angry de lo
she done so much 4 the class, din even get anything in return,summore wan gif scold

haha.so like dis la.
huien is reli reli a reli gd fren.
jz like he's said : huien is a gd fren lai de.mz appreciate.
so, i'm appreciating liao lo.haha.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

NOT THE BEN 10....

explain .....

this consider update right?